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Special Kyiv Post Operation

Special Kyiv Post Operation

On 27 December, the Kyiv Post published [yet another] article with a sensationalist headline, misrepresenting the scale and nature of corruption in Ukraine. The headline was not well supported by the related interview.

Dylan Carter, former Kyiv Post journalist (currently with Kyiv Independent), explains why the Kyiv Post of today is not the same outlet that had a sound reputation in the past. 

The Kyiv Independent, one of Ukraine’s best English-language media outlets, was created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence.

This episode also covers:

- How Ukraine's culture of vigorously calling up corruption is distinct - and can sometimes inflate its perception;

- The progress Ukraine has made in terms of fighting corruption 

- Ownership of the Kyiv Post;

- Platforming of untrustworthy OSINT accounts by a Kyiv Post “correspondent”;

- How disinformation campaigns conceal their objectives;

- Subtle russian talking points, nuclear fear mongering, and how they appear in a much-changed journalistic outlet.

The episode was co-hosted by Alona (@cryptodrftng on Twitter) and Madi (@MuKappa on Twitter).


The Kremlin pushes the idea that Ukraine is corrupt. This is wrong.

Since the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Ukraine has been making progress at an unprecedented rate in tackling high-level corruption through dedicated independent investigative, prosecutorial and judicial institutions.

Despite examples of interference remaining (a lot of those are a result of russian meddling), the majority of corruption concerns are dealt with in accordance with law.

Ukraine also has a very active and outspoken civil society.

Сlick here for a  thread debunking the myths about corruption in Ukraine.


Est. 21 Feb 2022, Ukraine DAO is a collective that harnesses the power of Web3 tech and the online community to defend Ukraine against the russian invasion.
We are supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine - the first DAO to have endorsement at a state level.
We have donated over $7 million in crypto, including making donations to the Ukrainian government and organizations like Come Back Alive (helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine) and OutRight Ukraine Fund (supporting the LGBT community).
Current priorities: fighting russian disinformation, amplifying Ukrainian voices, advocating for #VisaBanForRussians, and supporting Iran DAO community with the launch.

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Drftng with Ukraine
Ukraine DAO Talks
Ukraine-centric podcast hosted by Ukrainians, covering the russian invasion, Ukrainian culture, Web3 and cybersecurity. Ukraine DAO is an online collective fighting for Ukraine's victory by fundraising crypto for Ukraine, amplifying Ukrainian voices and fighting russian disinformation. Supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.