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The UK - Ukraine Relations w/ Yehor Brailian, Ministry of Defence Info Agency - ArmyInform

The UK - Ukraine Relations w/ Yehor Brailian, Ministry of Defence Info Agency - ArmyInform

Did you know that in 1996 Britain's then-Prime Minister John Major ate cucumbers at the Besarabka market during his visit to Kyiv? Or that Donetsk was founded by a Welsh man and originally called Hughesovka?

In the fourth episode of Ukraine DAO Talks we covered the history of British-Ukrainian relations with Yehor Brailian, an international journalist incredibly knowledgeable in modern and contemporary world history, colonialism, and British history.

Upon graduating from Faculty of History, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, where he defended a thesis on the colonial and postcolonial policy of Great Britain in the Caribbean (1930s – 1983), Yehor studied under the Erasmus + academic exchange program at the University of Constance. He is the winner of the Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant; Editor of the Toynbee Prize Foundation blog (2018-2020).

Since October 2021, Yehor covers the international defence and security cooperation of Ukraine as a special correspondent of information agency of the Ukrainian MoD ArmyInform.

Yehor's interests include Brexit, contemporary British history, Ukraine-NATO, climate, security, and hanging out in Ukraine DAO's Discord.

About Ukraine DAO

Est. 21 Feb 2022, Ukraine DAO is a collective that harnesses the power of Web3 tech and the online community to defend Ukraine against the russian invasion.

We are supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine - the first DAO to have endorsement at a state level.

We have donated over $7 million in crypto, including making donations to the Ukrainian government and organizations like Come Back Alive (helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine) and OutRight Ukraine Fund (supporting the LGBT community).

Current priorities:

fighting russian disinformation, amplifying Ukrainian voices, advocating for #VisaBanForRussians, and supporting Iran DAO community with the launch.

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Drftng with Ukraine
Ukraine DAO Talks
Ukraine-centric podcast hosted by Ukrainians, covering the russian invasion, Ukrainian culture, Web3 and cybersecurity. Ukraine DAO is an online collective fighting for Ukraine's victory by fundraising crypto for Ukraine, amplifying Ukrainian voices and fighting russian disinformation. Supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.
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